Samsung-Galaxy-S-II-GT-I9100-Android-2 3-Smartphone-with-Dual-Core-CPU-e1297666945480

Samsung Galaxy S II i9100

Samsung Galaxy S II i9100


ExZeus Dead Space - Works, but has random crashes Tested using Cyanogenmod7


Backbreaker - With custom shader Riptide - With custom shader Guerrilla Bob thd Pinball Fruit Ninja Samurai II Galaxy on fire 2 - Texture issues gone after update to 2.3.4 android.


Lets Golf 2 Splinter Cell Conviction

Available Shaders

Riptide GP Backbreaker THD

Games that do not work

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave - Tested with Chainfire3d v2.8 Bang bang racing - Tested with Chainfire3d v2.8

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